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HANS Device - Sport II Model 20
HANS Device - Sport II Model 20

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The HANS device Model 20 Sport neck brace is designed to work with larger drivers in most racing applications as well as slender drivers in formula racing applications, and is an advanced, high-quality safety system. If you race sports cars, stock cars or formula cars with a 20 degree seatback, the HANS device Model 20 Sport neck brace is for you, and should be given as much priority as a racing helmet or race suit. We highly recommend that you take advantage of the many benefits that HANS devices have to offer; if you race, a HANS device can save your life or prevent permanent injury. We offer an extensive range of racing equipment at K1 Race Gear, as we realize that our customers have diverse needs. In addition to the HANS device Model 20 Sport neck brace, we carry racing suits, racing gloves, racing shoes, racing helmets, and accessories such as portable HD digital video cameras, HANS foam pad inserts, HANS Quick Click sliding tethers, HANS Quick Click fixed tethers and the HANS Sport anchor kit. If you race, we can help ensure that you have the gear you need to stay safe and be competitive on the track. Features of the HANS Device Model 20 Sport Neck Brace The HANS Model 30 Sport may be for you if you are involved in motorsport. Designed for both professional and novice racecar drivers, the HANS device Model 20 Sport neck brace has a host of features, including: Carbon fiber construction for strength and reduced weight Full FIA and SFI certification Compatibility with fixed, sliding, and quick disconnect tethers The HANS device Model 20 Sport neck brace is designed to withstand extreme situations, and can be relied upon to provide superb protection even in severe crashes. Made from injection molded super structural carbon fiber, the Model 30 Sport is light weight and extremely strong, meaning it is both comfortable and effective. Used in conjunction with a helmet and proper harnesses, the HANS Model 20 Sport can save your life. To place an order for the HANS device Model 20 Sport neck brace or to learn more about the product, please don’t hesitate to contact K1 Race Gear today. We are dedicated to customer service and would be happy to help you.